What is organic agriculture (by IFOAM)?

Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved.


What does an organic certification means? Organic certification is a systematic process-based approach against which an organic producer seeking organic certification has to strictly follow set of standards imposed by a certification body. In addition, organic certification does not certify the end product but it covers through verification of the entire process from production to distribution chain. Once the certification body has verified conformity with the organic standards, the product can be labeled “certified organic.”


The Service

The NISARD Certification (NICERT) can provide Inspection and Certification services to would be organic producers, traders, processors, handlers, and retailers. Oftentimes, application for certification fails because of insufficient information for certification requirements and lack of close coordination between the certifying body and its client. In contrast, NICERT can work closely with its clients to ease up the certification process, align their production system to their target markets, and to help unravel the tangled organic certification requirements set by various certifying bodies at the international level. A manual for Organic Quality Control can also be developed for the producers and processors. One of the most important services that NICERT can offer is the Installation of Internal Control System for the producers and processors with contracted producers and also for Smallholder Groups of Farmers.

In order to gauge the producers and processors status towards certification, a pre-assessment is conducted to find out which of their practices are already aligned with the standards. From this pre-assessment, a program will be drafted towards increasing the chances of producers and processors to be certified either locally or internationally.

NICERT provides organic certification services to the following:

1. Organic Fertilizer Production (NIOFPA)
2. Organic Vegetable & Fruit Production
3. Organic Grains Production
4. Organic Coffee Production
5. Organic Sugarcane Production
6. Organic Meat and Poultry Production
7. Organic Aquaculture Production
8. Organic Production of Processed Products
9. Organic Handling and Retailing


NISARD Certification (NICERT) program offers a localized, yet competitive and independent third party organic guarantee system that aside from establishing equivalency to the national and international organic standards is tailored fit to the peculiar conditions of the Island. NICERT came into being in response to the growing needs of various organic producers in Negros seeking organic certification both for the local and international organic market and also to protect consumers against falsely claimed organic products. Although it operates locally, but NICERT organic certification program is globally competitive as it continuously developed and updated its crop specific standards in order to constantly align and meet the rigorous criteria set by various organic certifying bodies abroad.


• Provides Inspection and Certification services to producers or processors of organic product;
• Full technical familiarity through certified training or technology transfer and technical assistance related to sustainable or ecological or organic agriculture systems;
• Knowledgeable on all kinds or types of Organic Standards in Europe, USA and Japan;
• Familiarity with IFOAM Organic Standards;
• Conduct research and development for organic crops and livestock production, processing and handling, marketing and trading;
• Development and designs of all types of Operating Manual and forms for Organic Agriculture certification services; including manual for Internal Control System;
• Provide organic consulting services towards establishment or conversion for producers, processors, handlers and retailers;
• Transparency in providing consumers the names of clients that were certified, including products certified;
• Assist certified clients in promotion of their certified products;
• Provide establishment, installation and management services for Internal Control Systems towards smallholders certification; and,
• Provide training for Internal Inspector for smallholder or Group certification. Benefits
• Cost efficient ;
• Aligned production system with local and international Standards for Organic Agriculture;
• Increased chances of being certified internationally; and
• Updated technology transfer information on organic certification services for clients.

For further information please contact NICERT Office at the following address:
NISARD, 3rd floor, Provincial Capitol Building, Gatuslao St., Bacolod City 6100, Negros Occidental, Philippines Telephone Number: (6334) 433-2174
Fax Number: (6334) 707-1434
Email Address: nisardfi@yahoo.com
Website: www.nisard.net



1. To promote the development of organic agriculture by raising public awareness and building consumers trust and confidence in organic products;

2. To establish and maintain a privately-owned organization providing impartial third-party certification as a prerequisite for certification licensing of organic food at all stages of production, processing and distribution;

3. To guarantee the independence and integrity of NICERT certified organic certification mark;

4. Provides Inspection and Certification services to producers or processors of organic product;

5. To set up standards for organic production, processing and distribution;

6. To conduct research and development and training for organic crops, aquaculture and livestock production, processing and handling, marketing and trading;

7. To support crop improvement, certification, and marketing with smallholder groups in such a manner that their food self-sufficiency is not destroyed in order to fulfill the needs of the local, national and global organic market; and

8. To emphasize the role of organic agriculture in socio-economic development, ecological sustainability and as a strategy for climate adaptation and mitigation;

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