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Environmental Conservation has recently become an important issue, with more and more people realizing that we should take care of our world. We only have one world and it’s a world that we’re passing down onto  the future generations. If we don’t take care of it, we’re going to lose the resources, beauty and variety that the world offers you today. Fresh Start supports this movement to take care of the environment, moving to protect the environment and the wildlife, by returning to the natural, chemical-free methods of farming. Fresh Start also wants to serve as an advocate for the importance of joining the movement to save the environment.


Fresh Start is a staunch supporter of the organic movement.  We fully believe in the importance of good health, fair trade and environmental conservation.

Good health is hard to come by in a world riddled with new developments that include harmful, toxic chemicals. Lots of chemicals are used in the production of food and personal care products and, unknown to all consumersthese chemicals often contribute to the development of chronic diseases and conditions. Fresh Start understands how important it is for consumers to purchase food that is healthy and delicious.

Fair trade should be the modus operandi of all agricultural farms and businesses everywhere; however, this is often not the case.  Small farmers often receive unjust compensation and are forced to go into debt or live simply.  Fresh Start believes in equality and fairness and demonstrates farmers get their rightful due.



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