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Black Rice: Forbidden Rice
Forbidden many, many years ago, this was the rice of emperors in Ancient China. But it’s not so forbidden today and we are proud to include it as one of our special rice varieties.
Organic black rice is an heirloom variety rich in dietary fiber, iron, zinc and antioxidants. Aside from its many health benefits, it also has an interesting sweet, nutty flavor.
This variety is grown by small farmers committed to good health, quality foods, ethical fair trade and eco-friendly sustainable farming practices.

  • Also known as “forbidden rice” because in the earlier eras of Chinese and Japanese history, only the emperors could eat this kind
  • Has a deep, nutty taste


HEALTH BENEFITS (as studies have shown)

  • Rich in nutrients like Vitamin B, Niacin, Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and fiber
  • Reduces risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Decreases risk of cancer and presence of free radicals
  • Promotes stronger bones
  • Increases red blood cell formation
  • Reduces effects of menopause
  • Slows down aging process

Organic Black Rice


Fresh Start offers its own varieties of colored rice, cultivated using sustainable organic farming practices that don’t involve harmful chemicals, pesticides or fertilizer. In other words, Fresh Start aims to protect the environment by using natural and environment-friendly methods in cultivating colored rice varieties.

It is also important to note that going organic tends to increase the yield significantly after some long-term use. It is also a known fact that taste and aroma of Fresh Start certified organic colored rice varieties tends to be distinctive from the conventional, and is usually voted as tastier.

  • No Chemicals! No Pesticides! No Preservatives!
  • Heirloom varieties
  • Available in Whole Grains
  • Fair trade (Grown by Small Farmers)
  • Certified Organic

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